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Team Meeting

The Five Behaviors

An authorized business partner of The Five Behaviors®, Epiphany Consulting brings unique, established, and strategic learning solutions that improve team effectiveness and productivity to clients' fingertips.


Epiphany utilizes The Five Behaviors® to help organizations across the globe build a culture of high-performing teams through better communication and collaboration. Rewriting the traditional rules of teamwork, Epiphany helps companies fully realize their talent investments by incorporating customized and authentic team development solutions that empower individuals to make lasting change.


Epiphany’s approach thrives in organizations where senior leaders are committed to building cohesive teams, holding each other accountable, and delivering better results—together.


Epiphany’s proven implementation plan includes deliverables and timetables to help you set and achieve clear objectives. Comprehensive training is provided according to each clients' unique needs and objectives. Performance models can be built from your top-performing employees in order to arrange a strategy that addresses the dynamic nature of your team.


You will gain insights into your team’s performance by utilizing Epiphany’s always accessible, practical, and actionable output written for your managers including:

-Innovative assessments

-Tools for continued learning

-Team perspective analysis


Contact Epiphany Consulting today to experience the true meaning of teamwork with The Five Behaviors.

The Five Behaviors Model Pyramid Graphic
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