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Human Development Catalysts

An authorized business partner of WILEY Brand Products, Epiphany Consulting brings unique, established, strategic employee development and leadership tools to clients' fingertips.

WILEY Brand products help organizations across the globe identify, recruit, retain and further develop their top talent. Fully realize your talent investments by incorporating our strategic employee management and development tools throughout the entire life cycle of your organization. 

Industries we serve

  • Federal, State, & Local Government Agencies

  • K-12, For-Profit, & Non-Profit Higher Education

  • Financial Services & Insurance

  • Retail & Consumer Products

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Professional & Business Services

  • Healthcare & Human Services

  • Media, Telecommunications, & Technology

  • Energy, Utilities, and Natural Resources

  • Manufacturing, Transportation, & Automotive

  • Construction & Real Estate

People We work WIth

  • C-Level Management Executives

  • Business Leaders & General Managers

  • Small & Mid-Sized Business Owners

  • Functional Leaders & Specialists

  • First & Second-Line Managers

What we do

  • Strategically solve important organizational challenges

  • Access in-depth, objective, comprehensive, & reliable information about people​

  • Improve staff performance and workforce productivity

  • Effectively focus training and development investments

  • Maximize each employee's contribution

  • Reduce employee turnover, absenteeism, cost of theft, and conflict

  • Improve employee satisfaction

How we do it

Epiphany's high tech and high touch proven, tailored solutions are EEOC compliant, exceed standards set by The Association of Test Publishers, and are delivered effortlessly and securely online. Performance models can be built from your top-performing employees in order to arrange a strategy that gets you where you want to be!

Our proven implementation plan includes deliverables and timetables to help you set and achieve clear objectives. Comprehensive training is provided according to each clients' unique needs and objectives.

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