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Emerging Leaders

Epiphany Consulting provides a custom, blended leadership training program to businesses and organizations large and small. Working with Epiphany to tailor the program to the organization, the client identifies the participants based on criteria they develop for a year-long employee development journey. Emerging leaders will dive into best practices in leadership and social and emotional intelligence skills.

Epiphany utilizes several learning platforms and tools such as individual assessments to know yourself at a deeper level and develop skills around communication, teamwork, creating vision, alignment, and executing plans, to name a few.

Participants also use at least three books during the year in order to bring different perspectives to leadership and lengthen the discussions for insight into how they can incorporate new initiatives into their leadership journeys.

Each participant is tasked with doing a presentation to educate the others about their current roles and responsibilities within their workgroup. We either do these in class or sometimes in a client space that the participant takes us to tour. This also encourages collaboration and bridge-building development skills among classmates.

Visit our Toolkit page for more resources and supplemental training materials.

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Colleagues Working Together



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