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Kathi Rhea-Richards

Kathi Rhea-Richards has the ability to engage the energy and soul of clients she serves. Kathi understands that a successful business leader not only motivates people but also inspires them. Possessing an uncanny knack for awakening and arousing the hearts of others, Kathi creates inspired colleagues, customers, suppliers and employees. She truly enjoys inspiring the business community and helping people realize their potential; she realizes the best way to predict the future is to create it!


Leaving behind a successful career in the ultra-competitive and highly demanding cosmetics industry, Kathi answered her calling in life and entered the field of human management technology. She joined a practice in Charleston and soon thereafter met her future Epiphany co-owner, Kathleen Walker. While mastering the science of personal assessments, Kathi came to an important conclusion: one's prosperity depends largely upon an understanding of one's true self.


"Working in the area of personal assessment, I have observed the power that such individual learning and self-mastery can import to business professionals," Kathi explains. When the opportunity arose for Kathi and Kathleen to experience their own 'Epiphany', they seized the moment and established one of West Virginia's premier business consulting practices.


A 12 year stint in human management technology provided Kathi key insight into the culture of corporations shifting to become more commited to results than to their people. This evolving business cultural 'norm' is in direct conflict to Kathi's belief that organizations are meant to serve people and the community, not the other way around. Moreover, Kathi learned that one does not change people or companies; instead, one actually changes the way people look at themselves and life.


The root of Kathi's inspiration is her family. She and husband Dean are proud parents of Cody and Morgan. Contact Kathi





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Kathleen Walker

Kathleen Walker is a people person. Watch her and you'll quickly see that she derives great joy from interacting and communicating with others. Malcome Gladwell (author of the Tipping Point) would describe her as a "connector". Kathleen knows everybody and enjoys connecting the dots in her world of friends, clients and acquaintances.


This true Type II (ask her about it) has found her calling as co-owner of Epiphany Consulting. In this role, she works constantly with people, providing insights into how they can more effectively communicate and interact. "Self assessment and self awareness can be very empowering. It is such a high to see it working on a daily basis," explains Kathleen.


A native of South Charleston, WV, Kathleen draws upon her diverse career background in the telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, law and personal service industries when working with clients. She often brings direct experience to the table that relates to clients' challenes and needs. Whatever your field, there's a good chance Kathleen speaks your language.


Long time friend and Epiphany co-owner Kathi Richards introduced Kathleen to the world of human management technology and assessments in 1999, when she hired her as a sales representative for a Charleston consulting and counseling practice. Not long afterward, the pair purchased the business from its former owner and launched Epiphany Consulting in January 2000.


Kathleen's vision: "I am truly committed to making Epiphany a success. I have been blessed with an incredible business partner and friend in Kathi. We both believe in what we do, and know we make a difference in the people whose lives we touch."


Kathleen and her husband David are proud parents of two daughters, Kinsey and Karley. A committed community servant, Kathleen is devoted to her work in founding the WV Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure as well as serving on South Charleston City Council and various other boards of organizations in the South Charleston area. Contact Kathleen.


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