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Why Assessments?

Consistent, in-depth,
objective information
about people.








Rely less on gut instinct.
Make smarter people decisions.

Use performance evaluations
more effectively.




  • Fit with culture, job, manager, team

  • Knowledge, skills, performance, development needs

  • Preferred learning & communication style

  • Integrity, reliability, work ethic, attitude

  • Response to conflict, stress, frustration

  • Likelihood of aggression





  • Selecting people most likely to succeed

  • Accelerate time to full production in a new role

  • Improving alignment & communication

  • Reduce conflict, improve satisfaction

  • Maximize employee contribution

  • Reduce absenteeism & turnover

  • Reduce frequency & cost of theft

  • Increase performance & customer loyalty

  • Enable strategic management & succession planning

  • Increase overall capability, productivity, agility

Valuable Assesssment Uses

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